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Weaponry makes the Perfect Gift

As a member of the Hackspace it crosses a few members minds of how to use the functionality of the space with the opportunity of giving a present to someone.

A long friend of mine is a devout fanatic of the TMNT – collecting nigh everything available and it’s his 30th birthday this year near christmas. So myself and the girlfriend thought, what better than to give him something he cannot buy?

With Jo‘s talents in Fimo and the resources available to me, we decided upon figurines. However, these required weapons. With a bit of resourcefulness, soldering, patience and heavy hitting by myself and pbrook and some laser off-cuts we managed to produce something resembling the TMNT load-out:

TMNT Weapons

They have since been touched up with a bit of paint to cover the initial attempts at soldering the metal pieces together and neaten up the blades from being hammered. The ‘grips’ on the swords may be lightly painted, to retain the look formed by squishing the metal under great pressure by a vice.

I’m quite happy with the result and the ‘chain’ for the nun-chucks, made by braiding wire together.

Update: Here are the finished items:

TMNT Weapons